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What's a Drifter?

In this training, you’ll transition from passive drifter caught in the currents of life to empowered navigator, steering your journey as a leader with a definite purpose, intent, and unwavering conviction, by leveraging the life-altering wisdom of Napoleon Hill...

95% of the population are drifting in lifehowever they’re unaware. They don't know their purpose, they’re caught in the currents of day-to-day life, feeling unfulfilled, and feel unsatisfied - like there has to be more out there…

Does that sound like you?

Or maybe you…

→ Feel like there’s got to be more in life?

→ Are feeling stagnant in your current job/career?

→ Lack passion and direction in your day-to-day life?

→ Lack clear purpose, yet have a deep down feeling you’re meant for so much more?

This is drifting And IT’S COSTING YOU YOUR LIFE.

This training will not only help you understand drifting from Napoleon's teachings but we will help you transform into the leader you were always meant to be.   

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Here's What We'll Cover

Unmask the Drifter Within

You'll be equipped with tools to evaluate your personal trajectory and realize how you've been holding yourself back.

"No one ever drifts into anything but failure!"
~ Napoleon Hill


Embrace the Leader Within

It's time to stop following and start leading your life.

"You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be."
~Napoleon Hill

Getting Rid of Procrastination and Indecision

Unleash the power of purposeful decision-making.

“Be definite in everything you do and never leave unfinished thoughts in the mind. Form the habit of reaching definite decisions on all subjects!”
~ Napoleon Hill




Exercises & Implementation Tools
Based on Napoleon Hill's Time-Tested Principles

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What You'll Walk Away With


→  Learn what it Means to be a Drifter and Determine if you're one. 

→  A Clear Vision of your Life in Order to Defend against "Drifting". 

→  An Understanding of the Mind and how our Thoughts & Feelings create our results.

→  Knowing what it takes to become a Leader, the exact traits of a Leader & where and how you should improve. 

→ Actionable Steps + Tools based on Napoleon Hill's Principles to Start Implementing into your Life Immediately.

Event Ended June 16, 2023
Replays and Action Steps Still Available
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