If You Can Conceive it and You Can Believe it —
You CAN Achieve It.


What do you REALLY want?

Pause for a moment and truly ponder this question.  Strip away all of fear, banish all of the doubt, and disregard the voices saying you can't...

What do you REALLY want?

It’s one thing to know the life you want. It’s an entirely different thing to actually live it.


We’re here to take you from thinking, to believing and living the life you DESIRE, from the inside out. That spark of desire you have within? It’s our mission to help you stoke it into a roaring flame that can’t be quenched. 

You must believe with every fiber of your being that you can and will do succeed. You must let that fire burn bright within you and power you through every obstacle that arises before you. Only then will you become unstoppable on your path to creating the life you DESIRE.


The Only Coaches  Licensed to Help You  Embody Napoleon Hill’s Life-Changing Principles


For the first time, the transformative teachings penned by Napoleon Hill nearly 100 years ago are being brought to you in structured coaching and personalized programs designed to help you stop dreaming through life, and actually start living your dreams.

From Hill’s seminal work, Think and Grow Rich, to The Laws of Success, to How to Master Your Own Mind — you’ll learn it all. Not just that, but step-by-step, we’ll help you truly begin living the ideas Hill shares, so you can live out your own success story like Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie,
and all the greats.


Experience the power of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich like never before. With this free e-book, you'll get weekly exercises emailed to help you apply the principles to your life as well as immediate access to our exclusive community. You will also be invited to join our events, our programs and daily study opportunities. 

Are you prepared to embrace resolute transformations that will revolutionize your life?  

This is a profound question that necessitates thoughtful consideration. If you are, indeed, ready for such a remarkable journey, then you have captured our attention and piqued our interest. This is an immense inquiry that warrants your thoughtful consideration. Should you find yourself unprepared at the moment, there is no need for concern.

Allow me to present you with an array of invaluable resources, designed to assist you in attaining the alignment and genuine readiness necessary for embarking on an extraordinary odyssey.

If your response resonates with a resounding "yes" — then you are precisely the individual we are eager to collaborate with.


At the Napoleon Hill Institute, We do not engage in idle conversation.  That is a waste of time, which is your most precious commodity! 

Our purpose is to assist you in harnessing the potential of NHI's teachings in the present moment, allowing you to witness tangible transformations in your life. Our programs provide more than just theoretical knowledge; they grant you access to an unparalleled community, weekly discussions with influential figures in the self-development realm, and continuously evolving coursework. Through our coaching, we are dedicated to ensuring your triumph.

We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and get real results or we haven't done our job! 

Immerse Yourself in a Community Focused on Inner Transformation

The power of community and a mastermind alliance is undeniable and a necessity, my friend.  As Napoleon Hill wisely emphasized, the right connections and associations have the potential to profoundly influence your motivation, momentum, and the way you manifest your desires in life. In simpler terms, surrounding yourself with the right people can either make or break your journey to success.

Join a community that serves as a constant source of inspiration, urging you to commit wholeheartedly to living the life you aspire to, not someday in the distant future, but starting today.

Join a community that inspires you to commit every fiber of your being to
living the life you crave not someday, but today.

Ready to Come inside NHI?

We offer a diverse range of Programs to cater to all!

Meet the NHI Team  

Napoleon Hill’s landmark book, Think and Grow Rich, was published in 1937, and has served as the bedrock for nearly every self-development system out there. Yet it was only recently that the Napoleon Hill Foundation entrusted someone to create training programs with the Napoleon Hill name. Why? The Team.

Napoleon Hill Institute is the world's foremost authority on personal development. Our coaches and trainers have over 50 years combined experience in the industry, and we are constantly refining our methods to ensure that our students get the best possible results. We focus on using Napoleon Hill's time-tested principles to help people achieve their goals and dreams. With our unique approach, we are able to help people from all walks of life improve their lives and reach their full potential.


"This is the absolute best program ever!!! It has been life-changing for me - the shift I needed to play even bigger and serve even more. I have been a student of personal development and growth every single day since 2006, and this truly tops it all."

Amy Mosser 

"This program is so amazing and continues to exceed my expectations. I am grateful to be here learning from the best of the best and surrounding myself with those that will support and guide me to fulfill the life I desire. Thank you Cliona and the entire team!"

Paula Adams